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General D. Bee report

General said: "Generally situation is not as good as we may wish, but improving."


Our heavy artillery Firebird and Postgresql battalions are in uphill battle in Big Business mountains.

Large swaths of Big Business mountains are still seized by enemy forces. Its Oracle, MS SQL and DB2 battalions are well fortified and dug deeper in the mountains. However during last year espetially Firebird battalion made significant gains and we took foothold on one third of mountains. From these capsules we plan to launch successive offensives.

Situation in Small Business Highlands is better. Here Mysql battalion, supported by Apache copters, took hold in majority of Highland villages and towns. We are fighting for every house, every room. Highland creeks are red from blood, corpses of dead propriteary databases like DBase or FoxPro are rotting on the streets. Several Mysql platoons even ventured to limited operations in Big Business Mountains.

There are also some losses. Oracle and PLF infiltrated our SleepyCat battalion, and these little bastards, lured by Oracle money went to the enemmy side, together with stolen BerkeleyDB light cannons. Although we have caught some PLF Sleepycat infiltrators, we were not able to take them as POWs, while they were ill and so weak that they succumbed to torture.

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