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Q: Dear general Pen Nguin, why do you waste your precious time on thing like PLA?

A: Because it is important.

Q: What your relation to Linus Torvalds?

A: Similar to that of Stalin and Karl Marx. I've heard about him.

Q: Why are all technologies developed by PARPA ultimate?

A: Because they are adaptive.

Q: So, why are they adaptive?

A: Because they are ultimate.

Q: What technological improvements can we expect?

A: None. Any improvement will be only worsening. As I already mentioned, all our technologies are ultimate and adaptive. The wheel cannot be improved, so it is ultimate. Our technologies are so ultimate and adaptive, that they will fit any environment or purpose, without any need to change them. Is it all clear, now?

Q: Yes, crystal clear. Dear Leader, please tell me your response to the anthromorphization issue.

A: Many have attempted to anthropormorphize me, but such ape-creature behavior only reflects the inferiority of our enemies. They have only black and white vision. They make simplistic dichotomies, while we don't. They separate people. We bring them together. They insist it is all complex, while we recognize that it is simple. So as you can see, while some may claim our enemies claim to see, we believe they are blind.

Q: I won't be the first to ask you, what rhymes with "orange"?

A: Our antarctic research labs have investigated this thoroughly. After spending many years pursuing the slurred "doorhinge" option, we are now pursuing an ultimate and adaptive solution.

Thank you our Great Leader Dear General Pen Nguin.

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