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PLA Infiltrates Airport Security

Photo gallery from PLA victorious battles

Notorious "Red Hat" splinter group in direct action against Microsoft forces. "Even when we run, 'We shall not run!'"
PLA priest persuades Evil Empire soldiers to switch sides. Later, this officer relocated his entire family to the Pen Nguin security compound Antarctica for debriefing.
PLA POW in the hands of torturers. Note that the evil empire soldiers do not hesitate to use chemical weapons. Also note the "truth noose" in the hands of the oppressor. Morally, physically, ethically, politically and esthetically the superior PLA does not take POWs.
PLA attends Microsoft Technet Days.
Dear Leader General Pen Nguin watching advancing Firefox troops during the Browser Field Massacre.
File:Http:// seal.jpg
New evidence of Ellison -- Leopard Seal link rumored