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The Palestine Penguin Liberation Army

by Khalil Khalaili forked by Hvězdomil Nádherný

Whenever I see thy battalions at polar night,

I remember our horses sea lions neighing in the fight,

Deep in the Yarmouk valley Weddell Sea, or over the white

Snow of the Jarmaq Mount Erebus, defending our right,

Marching towards Safad Ross Island, recalling the glory of Hittin Amundsen

Preparing to liberate Tiberias Emperor Penguins, restoring Ajnadin our population in Patagonia!

The Palestine Penguin Liberation army, a song victorious,

Reviving our rich history, bold and glorious;

Fighters valiant, vowing never to be slaves!

They would rather go to early graves!

Dear sons of Palestine Arctic, hands raised high -

Rushing to the fields of honour, to win or die:

Our freedom-fighters are not bothered by deviators

Who capitulate, licking enemy Oracle boots, as base traitors.

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