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DoDT Denial On Demand in Theory and praxis

DoD is complex combination of [DoS] and [CoD]. DoD technology has advantages of DoS and Cod, but overcomes disadvantages and shortcommings of both.

DoD is both hardware and software technology.

PARPA R&D teams discovered that most computer operations are DoD operations. And in state agencies and big companies virtually all processes are DoD. Altogether 98.75 percent of computerized operations are DoD operations.

During research has been identified following types

Immediate DoD

Demand is denied immediately. Examples:

Note that private sector is generally more polite, while DoD process output usually begins with words "Sorry" or "We apologize".

Authorization DoD

First you are forced to authorize. Demand is denied immediately after your authorization. Famous "You are not authorized" message.

Hidden Immediate DoD


Opening hours 12:00 - 14:00

Lunch break: 11:00 - 15:00


Opened yesterdaily 8:00 - 17:00;

Cyclic DoD

A requires B, B requires C, C requires A.

Tefenonica O2 implementation

Timeout DoD

A requires B not older than 2 weeks, B requires C and takes one month to process it, C takes at least one month.


While most of operations are DoD, it is highly critical to optimize computers and software for denial on demand operations.

Before PARPA foundings computer industry has been focused on 1.25% of non DoD operations, while ignoring 98.75% of DoD operations.

Our on-site DoD comes in the form of special PCI card or software utility. Network traffic and central servers load are decreased, and overall system passthrough is increased by magnitude.

Ultimate Bureaucracy System RedTape2007

On TVS - Total Virtual Server runs Ultimate Bureaucracy System RedTape2007. System is capable to process more than DoD transaction per second giving unprecedented CPT (Cost Per Transaction).

TVS cost 20.000.000 USD and licence of RedTape2007 10.000.000 USD per TVS processor.

PARPA offers bundle of TVS+RedTape2007 for very reasonable price 25.000.000 USD.

This time limited offer is valid till tomorrow.

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