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UVSA - Ultimate Virtual Server Architecture

You probably heard about so called virtual servers. Company buy, say ten licences of Windows servers, installs them, but when you come to server room, you can see only two servers. In this case eight servers are virtual and invisible. They are like fata morgana. You see them from the distance, but when you come closer, they just disappear.

Other research groups stopped in the middle, only PARPA has developed UVSA, the core technology for TVS Total Virtual Server. On the picture there is unlimited number of virtual servers running on zero server. You can see, that you do not see nothing.

Total Virtual Server

On the second picture you can see two TVS running in parallel with enhanced overflow management system in the background.

Total Virtual Server Array

TVS technology is exceptionaly good at processing DoD transactions.

IBM Blue Gene can process around 360 TFLOPS of DoD transactions. TVS outperforms IBM Blue Gene at least by several magnitues.

In fact PARPA testing team has not been able to reach TVS limits.

But using high speed optical cables has been reached 1 055 890 PFLOPS, when optical cables start to thaw.

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