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SOSNB - Secret Open Source Nuclear Bomb

Every idiot is working on nuclear bomb, today. To ensure there is a place for every idiot to pool their efforts, we're working on one too!

Open source nuclear program testing site?

The PLA's nuclear program is devoted to spreading the spirit of Free and Open Source Software,(FOSS) or "Free" Software, (by which we mean, "free beer", and not "free speech"), or just "Open Source" or even just "Open" Software, or some people even like to say sometimes "Shared Software", but purists will note it is really any software distributed under the GNU license, which has something to do with preventing unspeakable acts with mountain goats.

Not that this is a bad thing, mind you. Unless you are the goat that is.

Accordingly, the PLA's open source nuclear program is top secret. No details will be revealed.

Rumors and innuendo, however, are the prefered method of communications with the oppressors. Therefore our reliable sources have revealed to unnamed reporters working undercover that one location that has been rumored to have been discussed during a secret herring smoking ritual allegedly involving the entire senior Pen Nguin leadership cabal.

The rumored testing site is in Redwood City. This site has been chosen because it is totally uninhabited - no penguins or PLA members live here, nor in the near vicinity. Under the GNU licence, this information is considered restricted and classified.

To change this classification, or update rumors, click "edit".

Next rumor update:

  • Should Norway start to behave properly?
  • Oracle HQ Conquered by PLA?

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