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USSA - Ultimate Security System Architecture

In real life if you give somebody book there is still one book, not two. If you write and send a letter, there is one letter that goes from post office to recipients mail box, there is no second same letter in your mail box. If you give somebody dollar bill, you have one dollar less and so on.

Majority of security problems arise from the fact that computers make copies. While it is relatively easy to guard and monitor one sensitive information, it is virtually impossible to take care of constantly multiplying zilions of secret materials. How you can notice, that something has been stolen? How you can tell, when nothing is missing?

So from now all versions of operating systems will have implemented core functions designed by PARPA.

Note that some common functions start to work differently and correctly.


There is no such function as COPY. This function is removed. For compatibility reasons we keep COPY as an alias for function MOVE.


PRINT is synonym for PRINTD, print & delete.


Similarly to PRINT, SEND means send & delete. Be aware that the same principle is used for email attachments.


Increasingly are data stored in databases. SELECT will work, yes you probably have got it, as select & delete.

For example:

select * from employee where iddepartment = 20;

in fact is:

select * from employee where iddepartment = 20;

delete from employee where iddepartment = 20;


And finally.

Please note that DELETE does not mean “move to folder called trash bin”, but it really means DELETE - till now incorrectly called wipe.


!!! Do not COPY these pages, they will be MOVED to you computer !!!

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