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Penguin Liberation Army

PLA is a militant organization with the mission of fighting proprietary software and evil empires. Penguin Liberation Army is open source version of Palestine Liberation Army.

PLA fights to free occupied territories from evil empire and to install law and rule of open source.

PLA members know that tolerance leads to isolation and isolation leads to loneliness. That is why Penguin Liberation Army is intolerant. You'll be in good company with the Penguin Liberation Army...long live our Glorious Leader, Pen Nguin!

Why you should join PLA? Because when the battle is done, you are better of on the victorious side. Why? Because the losers tend to get it in the neck. Penguins have no neck, therefore you are safer with us than against us.

PLA is defined by its enemies. For a comprehensive and constantly updated list of all our current enemies, please see the Enemies List.

Our mission is crystal clear: we will destroy our enemies first, then we will celebrate a little, (learn more about the [Penguin Victory Dance]) and then our Great Leader General Pen Nguin will tell us all what to do next.

Our Enemies

Archenemy #1 is, of course, the nefarious Penguin Liberation Front.

Heinous traitors from the PLF try to destroy our unity, they cowardly defy the leading role of our Glorious PLA and so they serve the base objectives of the evil empire. Members of the Penguin Liberation Front are sometimes mistaken for honorable, handsome, and trustworthy Penguin Liberation Army soldiers. DON'T BE FOOLED!!! Always ask for identification. If they show you a membership card, then you can destroy them because the PLA has no ID!

Now, you might be forgiven for thinking that enemy #2 is Microsoft. Right?


Because Bill Gates confessed his sins (praise the penguin) and is redeeming himself through charity in Africa, so our real archenemy #2 is - Oracle, the captive pythia controlled by arch-fiend Larry Ellison. Don't mistake his pawn spawn like "People Soft" or "Siebel" for friendly forces. While he flys in his military jets and pours champaign into Paris Hilton's panties, the PLA has been observing his takeover of previously free and open software. We suspect Ellison of being the dark force behind the PLF...look at how SleepyCat was infiltrated, subsumed, absorbed, our valuable BerkeleyDB stolen.

Glorious camarads, we must stop this evil incarnate! Go to our Enemies List and learn more. Share your intelligence. Write biased posts. Report new enemies. Take a gander at our slander...


The only art that a loyal PLA member really needs is the tuneful PLA anthem. All other culture is subversion that must be punished. If you have seen any art which is not on the list of approved culture (ie, anything other than our glorious PLA Anthem), report it to the PLA Enemies List.

PLA in the Battlefield

Ross Island 77°51′S 166°40′E, PLA High Command Center

Division generals explain situation, at Generality Operational Briefing - CC, Ross Island.

PLA soldiers talk about their battlefield experiences - learn about winning strategies and best practices.

PLA in the News

PLA in the news

We have some fine and telling pictures here. PIA secret mole in Redmond reports.

News Flash!

From the SF Chronicle

You've seen the slow-motion clips of the slowest, most feeble antelope being dragged down by the lioness, its neck snapped and its guts devoured. Sounds like something Larry Ellison might do to a small software company.

PLA Organizational Structure

Penguin Liberation army is wisely led by His Majesty General Pen Nguin, praised be his name. PLA members and supporters familiarly call him Our Great and Glorious Leader.


  • Database and heavy artillery
  • Application servers and airborne
  • Desktop apps, material and ground support
  • Navy, navigation and networks
  • Operation systems, logistics, command support
  • Jungle and urban guerrillas
  • PIA - Penguin Intelligence Agency
  • PARPA - Penguin Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Propaganda and multimedia

PLA Awards

PLA has several PLA Awards and Medals for its members and supporters.

PLA Research & Development; PARPA

The Penguin Advanced Research Projects Agency (PARPA) is an agency of the PLA responsible for the development of new offensive technology. PARPA is responsible for funding development of many technologies which promise to have a major impact on the world.

PLA Questions and Answers

Members ask, the great and glorious leader, General Pen Nguin answers.

How to join PLA and help in its victorious struggles

Joining us is easy. Design your nom de guerre and create your account (see log/create account on the right top). Correct, edit or enhance existing articles or contribute new stories.

Note that all articles should be biased. Unbiased information, especially that in favor of our enemies will be changed, skewed or deleted.